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Web-Based Pre-Employment Screening

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Our software utilizes cutting-edge technology which allows Ascertain to provide an industry-leading online user experience for our clients. With the latest in XML technology and Web Services, our system delivers everything our clients need: fast results, advanced data security, and superior usability.

  • Simple and easy-to-use order process, with many flexible features
  • Background Reports can be displayed in multiple layout formats, enabling quick review of your reports with options to view, print and save results in HTML or PDF formats
  • Real-time address history, motor vehicle reports, sex offender searches and more - Use the "Express Order" features to retrieve instant search reports to initiate and pre-populate your background order
  • Instantly retrieve a Social Security Trace report (address lookup report) to quickly order the criminal searches you want and add AKAs to your requests
  • Attach multiple documents to your order securely, such as release forms, applications, resumes, alleviating the need to email or fax sensitive information
  • Locate previously reported results instantly with our "Results Quick-Search" feature
  • Ascertain can customize unique packages for each of our clients for easy ordering of bundled services